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Closer & Hinge Repair

If you have a problem with doors closing too fast, too slow or not at all Johnson & Son Locksmith Inc can help fix the issue. We can make proper adjustments and service any door closer. If you have a problem with a door sagging or scraping along the floor we can make the proper hinge adjustments to make things work smoothly. Many times issues that are attributed to the door or frame can be fixed with some minor adjustments. Saving you money.

Access Control & Egress

If you need to control who comes in and out of an area you need our Access Control service. We can assess your needs and budget and come up with a solution that will allow you to control who can access certain buildings, apartments or rooms. We can offer a mechanical or digital solution for this. Johnson & Son Locksmith Inc is here to help.


Gates & Automated Openers

We can help with doors and gates, If you need to limit access to a certain area to people or cars, Johnson & Son Locksmith Inc can surely find you a solution. We can offer card access control, gate openers, and closers.

Door & Lock Security

We offer services on doors and locks. If you need an upgraded lock or a more secure setup Johnson & Son Locksmith Inc can offer a full range of services to secure your business. If you have a storefront, production facility or an office we can help get you right back to business as usual.