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Digital and Modern Technology Locks

We install, provide and service the newest wifi, ZWave, and wireless locks, keypads, and touchpad locks. Even locks that are mechanical in nature and do not use electronics.  If you are looking to have a lock with smartphone capabilities or audit trails we can help you choose and we can install it for you as well.


Security at it's finest.

We can install custom cages, window bars and other security features for your home. We can provide a walkthrough and make sure the weak points of your home become the strongest points. We can offer CCTV, wireless locks and more to secure what's most valuable, your family.


Brick & Mortar Store

Just need a simple key made? want to look at hardware before making a decision? This is where having a store is great because we can offer basic services at a lower cost and even discuss estimates and options with no commitment to a service call like the other 'mobile only' locksmiths. 3007 Rigsby Ave #114, San Antonio, TX 78222, USA

Beyond Basic

We offer extended protection for your home including safes, lockable window bars, advanced high-security locks, and reinforced strike plates. Our service goes the extra mile to make sure it's installed correctly and offers maximum protection.