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Safe & Vault Combination Changes

Changing your combination is a good idea every year or so, especially if you have employees that have been fired or have quit or if people can access the safe to try combinations out. Changing combinations can prevent unauthorized access. It is a good idea to have your safe or vault serviced at this time to prevent a costly lockout.


Safe & Vault Servicing

Let us service your safe by checking the components for broken or worn parts. Replacing these parts can cost as little as $50 while on site, where if you were to miss such a minor detail it could lead to a lockout which could cost thousands depending on your safe. It's best to have the safe serviced while it is still open and at the first sign of trouble.


Safes & Vault Opening

If you've left your service too long you may be having trouble opening your safe, we can help. If you have been burglarized they may have left your safe damaged and inoperable. Don't worry though we can still open it. If you have a safe that is not opening for you because you have lost the combination or because you never had it, let us know and we'll figure it out.

Restoration & Repair

If your safe has been sitting for a long time and could use some TLC we can help. We specialize in repairing and restoring antique safes, vintage safes and even newer safes, If it's just time that is the issue or if there has been vandalism we can help open and restore your safe.


Safe Lock Upgrades

We can install a new lock on your safe or even upgrade your lock to a digital lock that can offer features like time delay, manager and user codes, and many more features. These locks are very easy to operate and are a great cost saver when you change combinations a lot.